Appraisal Day

Ever wondered whether that item you inherited is worth anything? This program is just for you! The MPRG invites you to bring one item for valuation by Warren Joel, one of the most sought after experienced valuers and auctioneers in Australia.

Art Exhibition previously on at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 05 October 2013 to Saturday 05 October 2013

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 05 September 2013.
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Warren will examine your item and provide a verbal appraisal. Over the past 35 years, Warren Joel has built up a great wealth of knowledge and expertise in the valuation of fine arts. He has handled items for private collectors, leading art galleries, the government’s Cultural Gift Program, the National Trust and valued the entire collection of the Australian National Museum. This is a wonderful opportunity to find out whether any trash you have lying around is actually treasure!