FOTOFEST 2008 Current Perspectives 1999-2008

XING Danwen; Zeng Han; Venue: Berring & James Gallery

FOTOFEST2008 focuses on one of the most compelling cultural, political, and economic phenomena of the contemporary world - China and its transformation.

Art Exhibition previously on in United States.
From Friday 07 March 2008 to Sunday 20 April 2008
Launch Friday 07 March 2008,

Urban Fiction, image 17 image

Published by Xing Danwen on Wednesday 16 April 2008.
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These conceptual, mixed-media works are organized as a series of 11 one-person presentations of leading contemporary Chinese artists. Their photo-based works relate to and reflect major aesthetic and social issues in Chinese art and society today: memory, interpretation/appropriation of Chinese art history, conception of self and culture; urbanization and transformation of space; and questions of gender; religion; the public voice and private life. The works are predominantly color, large-scale, staged, constructed, and digitally produced. They include sculpture, installation, and video.