Philip Werner: 101 Vagina Book Exhibition

In association with the Fringe Festival

After encountering so much insecurity in women about their bodies I felt compelled to do something about it, something that says I’m OK and you’re OK. 101 Vagina is a direct action against the lies we are told about what’s normal and where beauty lies.

Art Exhibition previously on at Colour Factory Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 26 September 2013 to Sunday 06 October 2013

Philip Werner: 101 Vagina Book Exhibition image

Published by Colour Factory Gallery on Monday 09 September 2013.
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This journey started for me when I read The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler while traveling in 2007. It brought home for me how debilitating the taboo and shame around vaginas can be on a personal and societal level. The huge increase in women and girls seeking labiaplasty is one manifestation of this.