Arteles special theme residency program

December being the darkest of the Finnish winter, S.A.E offers an extreme retreat into existence through art, silence and nature. The program brings together creative minds who are interested and working around the theme on various fields.

Art Opportunity previously on at Arteles in Finland.
From Thursday 01 August 2013 to Friday 13 September 2013

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The predefined structure of the program is kept empty and more extreme elements can be added to it (e.g limited internet access to limit the escapism through web). Conditions are excellent for both collaborating and for concentrating on your own work, thinking and being. There is also no pressure to necessarily produce anything, in case you are more into inner development.

True northern experience

The northern winter is an experience like no other. The sun stays low on the horizon, leaving the days to be ruled by long blue moments and dark nights. Snow is likely to cover the grounds, and the landscape is very monotone. If you get lucky, you can even catch a glimpse of the Northern lights. The raw & rural surroundings create an ideal setting for personal inner journeys and research.

The residency program includes:

For working :

artist & project pages in Arteles Catalogue publication
part-time assistant to help you with your projects & practicalities
working spaces and facilities 24 h access
tools & equipment 24 h access

For everyday life:

Private/double bedroom (incl. towels and bedlinen)
fully equipped kitchen facilities
24 h access to traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
24 h access to residency car getting around the region
pick-up service for arrivals and departures read more
Wi-Fi connection in all spaces (NOTE: The access to internet might be limited to e.g. one day a week only in order to deepen the awareness experience and to prevent the escapism into the wonders of www – The decision will be made collectively with all the residents, in the beginning of the residency.)
laundry facilities
Pure nature and silence

Program fees

All the selected residents will be given financial support by Arteles.

Residency fees including support:
850 € / month for a single room + studio space
650 € / month/ person for a shared room + studio space

Incl. 120 € registration/deposit fee (non-refundable)

Program fees without support:
1700 €/ month for a single room + studio space
1300 €/ month/ person for a shared room + studio space

—>More about financial support

How to apply

In the selection process an emphasis is put on the applicant´s ideas & approach. You need to be interested and/or working around the theme one way or the other. We are looking for creative minds widely from different fields. Duos, collectives and groups are also welcomed.

In general we are open to raw ideas and long term ‘work in progress’ approaches as we understand that certain projects, like the ones to do with self-reflection or self development are in constant flux and live along the way.

To apply to residency you need to

1. Read the terms and conditions of Arteles Creative Center
2. Fill in and submit the following application form:

Deadline for applications is 13th of September 2013