Susan Wald


Art Exhibition previously on at Langford 120 in Victoria, Australia. Published by Susan Wald on Thursday 19 September 2013. Saturday 19 October 2013 to Sunday 17 November 2013. Opening Saturday 19 October 2013 2-4p.m..

Elektra 1 image Exile Trilogy, Levad 8 image Exile Trilogy, Levad 10 image Exile Trilogy, Es Brent 1 image Exile Trilogy, Levad 9 image Elektra 6 image Elektra 2 image

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A series of mono prints inspired by the theatre make up Susan Wald's latest body of work. While the mono prints allow her to explore and experiment with the image, the theatre is used as a springboard to develop her own personal visual language. "My wish is to condense this experience into its visual essence, and where possible to use metaphor to provoke the imagination."


Langford 120
120 Langford Street,
North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051