Forging tools of death into instruments of life, Pedro Reyes provides an uplifting vision of a world free from weapons and full of music.

Art Exhibition previously on at NGV International in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 12 October 2013 to Sunday 27 October 2013

Disarm image

Published by National Gallery of Victoria - International on Thursday 19 September 2013.
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Disarm is Mexican artist Pedro Reyes’s socio-political critique on contemporary society and our responsibility towards it. Using parts from thousands of weapons confiscated by the Mexican government, Reyes has worked with local artisans to create an ensemble of 47 ingenious instruments – electric guitars fashioned from assault weapons, drum sets from pistols, flutes from shotguns, a harmonica carved from a handgun. Disarm is an inspired model of symbolic transformation, and a bold declaration: make art not war!

But Reyes’s creations are much more than art objects: each is a unique, functioning musical instrument, and Melbourne Festival has invited the city’s most diverse and talented musicians to improvise with them in the NGV’s Federation Court as part of the Disarm exhibition. See melbournefestival.com.au for more details on surprise guests and their performance times.

Pedro Reyes also presents a free talk on Sunday 13 October at 2pm, delving into his artistic process and the philosophy behind his creations.