Chris Langlois Close Space

Chris Langlois’ survey exhibition Points In Time opened to great success at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney on Friday evening. This major exhibition spans the artist’s last fifteen years and will tour a further 5 public institutions. To coincide with this, Gould Galleries is delighted to present Close Space exhibiting his most recent paintings and works on paper.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gould Galleries in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 10 October 2013 to Saturday 09 November 2013
Launch Thursday 10 October 2013, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Landscape (Bald Head) no.4  2013 image Landscape (Bald Head) no.1  2013 image Landscape (Bald Head) no.2  2013 image Landscape (Bald Head) no.4  2013 image Landscape (Buckety Plain) no.1  2013 image Landscape (Buckety Plain) no.2  2013 image Landscape (Pt. Lonsdale) no.1  2013 image Ocean (Tasman Sea) no.1  2013 image Ocean (Tasman Sea) no.2  2013 image Ocean (Tasman Sea) no.3  2013 image Ocean (Tasman Sea) no.4  2013 image Ocean (Tasman Sea) no.5  2013 image Ocean (Tasman Sea) no.6   2013 image Darkwood no.23 2012 image Darkwood no.24 2012 image Darkwood no.25  2012 image Waterfield no.12  2012 image

Published by Gould Galleries on Wednesday 25 September 2013.
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Chris Langlois is regarded as one of Australia’s leading neo-romantic landscape painters. His imagery of the sea, sky and land transcend time and space to become about personal experience.

Langlois holds a B.A in Visual Arts (majoring in painting and drawing) from The University of Newcastle (1990) and was a joint winner of the Maitland Tertiary Art Award in his graduating year. His work is represented in many public collections including Bendigo Art Gallery, Newcastle Art Gallery, Campbelltown Art Gallery, Parliament House, Canberra, The University of Newcastle, Artbank, as well as numerous corporate and private collections.

Of all the bodies of work that I have completed in my years as an artist, this has been the one with the upmost stubborn direction and has led itself off in the way it intended, with me following in howls of protest but nonetheless powerless. I intended to go south but it led me north, I intended to track to somewhere cool but it insisted warmth. I always felt (most foolishly) in control of my practice, of what I can dictate and intentionally resolve as a finished work but this chapter has left me in no doubt how large a gulf is between my intention and end. Bemused, I had no choice but to sit back and enjoy the journey.

I found myself again exploring space. The abyss, a favourite subject of mine, the nothingness that eats up space, that chasm we enter, either willingly or not, that is of peace or violence or of great beauty, and then again, perhaps none of these. These paintings are either placed in or on the edge of the emptiness or show it viewed from afar. The subject matter can be read literally, for they are real, but then I search for a subtle unruliness to them.

Looking at and painting landscape is my most comfortable place to be, especially a landscape that is isolated and emptied of the person and his objects. To my aesthetic, those objects are distracting, as they are not of a pure world. Although a world altered and neglected by man fascinates me, I see it as inverse romanticism. I prefer a landscape that is melancholic, reflective of the human mind, a space that I create and that can be solitarily explored, a space that maybe nostalgic, perhaps even emotionally indulgent.

As I said before my love of painting involves landscape and I explore that theme, however, my use of landscape is not to depict place, rather, a tool or vehicle to draw the viewers’ own relationship with place. My paintings generally are cinematic, empty and vague so as to engulf the viewer. I wish to effect the viewer as does classical music washes over you and leads you through a maze of sensual experience and emotions, not a literal journey, not a story, but an attempt to bring the viewer to an emotional state.
This exhibition is a continuation of those themes that I have explored for years, of painting landscape and depicting the space and the effect it has on us.