Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China

The exhibition will present seventy works by thirty-five contemporary artists active in China and abroad during the past three decades.

Art Exhibition previously on at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, United States.
From Wednesday 11 December 2013 to Sunday 06 April 2014

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Published by anonymous on Monday 30 September 2013.
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Organized into four thematic groupings—the written word, new landscapes, abstraction, and beyond the brush—the exhibition seeks to demonstrate that China’s ancient cultural pattern of seeking renewal through the reinterpretation of past models remains a viable creative path. Much more than a continuation of earlier art forms, this process embraces radical abstractions, subversions, or reinterpretations of traditional idioms as viable ways to define artistic identity that are quintessentially Chinese. Although the artists considered have all transformed their sources through new modes of expression, one may recognize thematic, aesthetic, or technical attributes in their creations that have meaningful links to China’s artistic past.