Contact Print

'Contact Print' is a co-curated photographic exhibition that challenges traditional concepts of visual narrative, sequencing and representation.

Art Exhibition previously on at Raglan Street Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 14 November 2013 to Sunday 01 December 2013
Launch Thursday 14 November 2013, 7-9pm

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Published by anonymous on Monday 07 October 2013.
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Through the use of analogue photography and kinetic sculpture Julia Romaneix and Todd Johnson encourage viewers to engage in a multi-faceted visual experience.

Julia Romaneix’s Don’t Do Honours; It’ll Kill Your Dog is a photographic series that references yet contradicts Gavin Hipkin’s 1997-2000 series ‘Homely’. Arranged as a panel of images, Romaneix questions Hipkin’s ideas of narrative by rejecting the need of a story within a series. Through the disarrangement of photographs, viewers are encouraged to gaze upon the images with ambivalence to the visual gestalt. With this, Romaneix attempts to overcome the need for a narrative in order to identify with the work.

Todd Johnson’s Light is Just a Mirage on the World is a series of photo-sculptures, that transform according to slight changes in room temperature. At almost imperceptible speeds the backlit panels become obscured, effectively creating an imaginary space through which the joy and pain of the unknowable is dovetailed with the banality of everyday experience. Through an obscured view, Johnson removes the possibility of stereotypical readings, and forces the viewer to look differently at places and objects we think we know. On a conceptual level, this series embodies a kind of radical photo-documentary that refuses any single narrative, and instead, allows multiple narratives to unfold through the images.

Like a contact print, each body of work presents viewers with a sequence of chronologically ordered photographs that embrace the accidental connections and associations that exist between the frames.