'Identified' is a deconstructed self-portrait using technology as a foundation for creation.

Art Exhibition previously on at Raglan Street Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 08 November 2013 to Sunday 01 December 2013
Launch Friday 08 November 2013, 7-9pm

Identified image Identified image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 12 October 2013.
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There is nothing more personal, more vital and more revealing than our self-identity. Throughout our lives there are many influences that affect us, such as family, education, religion, mass media, social class, and racial and ethnic identity. Our genetic make-up is also a vital determiner of who we are. Are we a product of our genes and biochemistry, or are we “created” by the people and the social institutions that surround us? The construction of identity is one of the most pressing issues with which an individual must struggle, and never more so than in today’s technology driven world.

My work seeks to explore the issue of identity in the digital realm by creating visual representations of my identity. Using online search engines, I sourced images based on my face and created the pieces using a technique I have been developing for two years. The construction of each image represents the manipulation and malleability of my own identity. Each image is disjointed and layered, representative of the different components of my identity and the layers of my character and elements of my body that lie at the foundation of who I am.

This work challenges the notion of self-portraiture because I am not featured in these images and yet without my initial self-portraiture, these images would not have been found or placed together. This is, therefore, a deconstructed self-portrait.

Aidan Hill, 2013