Stitching Time

Stitching Time is a collection of collaborations curated by Dell Stewart and Isobel Knowles exploring the relationship between textiles and animation. It features work by Jeremy Dower, Pene Durston, Rebecca Hayes, Isobel Knowles, Kate Matthews, Dell Stewart, Kayo Taguchi, Maryann Talia-Pau, Pauline Tran-Cecil and Harvest Textiles.

Art Exhibition previously on in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 18 October 2013 to Saturday 30 November 2013

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Published by anonymous on Monday 14 October 2013.
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Each of the collaborations in this exhibition explore a link between textiles and animation in a unique way, describing the relationship between the two mediums.

Stewart and Knowles argue that stop-motion animation and textile production share several elements. “With animation you create frames one after the other, just as you hook one stitch at a time, weave one thread, never really being able to see the results until it’s complete. Having faith in the outcome is part of the process. Experimentation happens at a very slow speed and a keen ability for visualisation is a key resource to both mediums.” The two local artists both have a history of working with animation and textiles in various techniques and for Stitching Time they have asked a collection of textile artists that work across a broad range of techniques including knit, embroidery, weaving and print to make new work for the exhibition.

“Animation and textiles also both share a love of movement. A lot of textile work is not just about making a texture or a pattern but about making an object that will move and change shape according to its use. With animation we can explore and play with this potential for motion, capturing and illustrating the movement to the audience.