A First Look film screening from Thursday 14 through to Tues

In November, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) screens the 2012 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion winner Pieta, the 18th film by acclaimed Korean director, Kim Ki-duk. Pieta screens as part of ACMI’s First Look program, opening the summer season with sessions from Thursday 14 through to Tuesday 26 November, 2013.

Art Exhibition previously on at ACMI - Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 14 November 2013 to Tuesday 26 November 2013


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A debt collector for a local loan shark, protagonist Kang-do lives a life of isolation and without familial connections, leaving him with the lack of empathy needed to carry out his job and violently extract payment from debtors; until he is faced with a woman claiming to be his mother, who abandoned him as an infant. She persists in winning over Kang-do, quietly begging his forgiveness and acceptance, until eventually he accepts her as his mother and works to regain a relationship with her.

Set in an industrial area of South Korea, Cheonggyecheon, the entire shoot was done with just two cameras; Kim behind one and cinematographer Jo Yeong-jik behind the other. Purveying a sense of a world forgotten within a current climate of bulk industrialisation and capitalism, the back alleys of Cheonggyecheon are filled with small workshops of sheet metal and press machines, empathetically displaying a sense of limited options for those in debt to the local loan shark Kan-do works for. As Kim has said “Money inevitably puts people to the test in a capitalist society, and the people today are obsessed with a fantasy that money can solve anything. Money is the problem for most of the incidents that occur today.”

“The astounding central performances, intimate hand-held camera and precise edits create the inescapable claustrophobia and tension that this epic revenge film requires” says ACMI Film Programmer Kristy Matheson, “Audiences will benefit by going in a little blind but safe in the knowledge that they are in the hands of a master filmmaker at the height of his talents.”

Pieta screens at ACMI from Thursday 14 through to Tuesday 26 November, 2013. For more information and tickets, visit