In the Project,2012 Production still of Video Work

In 2011, Eric Bridgeman was Artist in Residence at Lethbridge University in Alberta Canada. During his residency, he documented his personal progress in the studio in the form of ritualistic video diary entries; an edited version of which forms the basis of this work.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Substation Centre for Art and Culture in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 18 October 2013 to Sunday 17 November 2013

In the Project,2012 
Production still of Video Work image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 30 October 2013.
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Bridgeman’s acute sense of isolation during the onset of winter at the foot of the Rocky Mountains was amplified by the impassive nature of the locals who regarded the interloper with guarded cordiality and called him “Blacky”. Bridgeman responded by gathering a collection of objects painted in lurid colours, then stepping into character as his muse, his toy golliwog, stating “I gave in to being the best outsider that I could become”. The resultant work is an explosion of colour, movement and creative expression, a powerful representation of an artist In the Project.