United Visual Artists: Momentum

This spring, United Visual Artists invite you to experience a new sound and light installation.

Art Exhibition previously on at Barbican in City of London, United Kingdom.
From Thursday 13 February 2014 to Sunday 01 June 2014

United Visual Artists: Momentum image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 30 October 2013.
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‘Our internal model of time, movement, mass and space is based on a lifetime of experience, perhaps even genetically encoded. What happens when we build a new model? What happens when we bend the rules?’ UVA

Drawing on physics and digital technology, moving, suspended pendulum-like elements create a changing composition of light and sound across The Curve. Explore the room at your own pace and discover how your movement through the gallery shapes the experience.

UVA are a London-based art and design practice, creating work that lies at the intersections of sculpture, architecture, live performance and installation.