Pentti Sammallahti

Here, Far Away

Print Sales at The Photographers’ Gallery presents Here, Far Away an exhibition by the Finnish master of black and white photography Pentti Sammallahti. Showcasing over twenty images, the exhibition will focus on Sammallathi’s landscape and figurative works, spanning over nine countries from 1973 to 2007.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Photographers' Gallery in City of London, United Kingdom.
From Thursday 10 October 2013 to Sunday 05 January 2014

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 05 November 2013.
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Born in 1950 in Helsinki, Finland, Sammallahti made his first set of photographs at the age of eleven and had his first solo exhibition in 1971 at the age of twenty-one. Sammallahti has travelled extensively throughout his life, describing himself as a wanderer who favours remote and isolated destinations to provide the backdrop for his work. Often only the occasional figure or animal interrupts what are otherwise uninhabited scenes. Depicted with humour and warmth, they are part of a bigger narrative, one which encompasses universal themes shared by all living things.

A skilful craftsman, Pentti Sammallahti is admired for his innovative darkroom techniques, meticulously producing prints full of subtle tonal and textural variations. Inspired by poetry and music, Sammallahti’s atmospheric photographs are often referred to as lyrical compositions. These are best witnessed in images such as Pyhajarvi (1982) in which a solitary horse is pictured standing next to a barn as a half-crescent moon hangs above; a flock of birds flying through a dark and cloudy sky in Kitakata-Shi, Japan (2005); and a panorama of a lone man in Russia walking a snowy road in the mist (White Sea, 1992), his dog patiently waiting ahead.

Here, Far Away, a title shared by the artist’s recent retrospectives and accompanying publications, refers to the very nature of photographs as documents. Through these photographer and viewer meet at a crossroad of past and present, where the image was first taken and where it is now seen.

In addition to the images featured in the exhibition over one hundred prints by Pentti Sammallahti are available to purchase through Print Sales. Prices range from £550 to £1250 + VAT with print sizes varying between 12 × 14 and 25 × 40 cm. All prints are silver-gelatin, signed by the artist.

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