Presentation and Promotion

Presentation and Promotion grants support projects that promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and their work regionally, nationally and internationally through publications, recordings, performances, exhibitions and international export.

Art Opportunity previously on at Australia Council for the Arts in New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 01 October 2013 to Tuesday 19 November 2013

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 06 November 2013.
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You can apply online or request a form for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts grants from the ATSIA team.

Example: ‘To hold my exhibition and help me with the costs of the invitation and website, I applied for some money from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board presentation and promotion category’ (2011 Presentation and Promotion grant applicant).

All applicants are encouraged to seek further funding support for the project from other sources. Please note the following about requirements for two types of projects relevant to this category:

-grants for recording projects – for CD/DVD recording projects involving writing, recording, production, manufacture, distribution and promotion you can apply for up to 75 percent of the cost of any aspects of the process, up to a maximum of $20,000
-grants for overseas projects – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board expects overseas organisations that invite Indigenous artists to travel overseas to contribute materially to such projects.
For touring projects, the board will give priority to:
-tours that include workshops with communities, as well as tours that reach regional communities
-international projects that clearly show:

a) an understanding of the Indigenous protocols, networks and visa requirements of countries on the itinerary and the cultural responsibility of Indigenous touring organisations as ambassadors of Indigenous culture
b) written evidence of any invitations from the overseas hosting organisation and/or venue.

Applicants for international projects must provide written evidence of co-funding from the host country or organisation.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (grant)

Applications close 19 November 2013
Decisions advised March 2014
Funded projects commence from 1 April 2014