Fellowship grants provide financial support for two years to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to enable them to undertake a major creative project or program in their artform. Fellowships are worth $45,000 per year for two years. In 2013 Fellowships are only open for music and theatre projects.

Art Opportunity previously on at Australia Council for the Arts in New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 01 October 2013 to Tuesday 19 November 2013

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 06 November 2013.
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You can apply online or request a form for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander grants from the ATSIA team.
Fellowship grants are available as follows
- 2013 Fellowships are available for Music and Theatre Projects
- 2014 Fellowships are only available for Dance and Hybrid Cross Arts Projects
- 2015 Fellowships are available for Arts Administrators and Visual Arts Projects
- 2016 Fellowships are available for Visual Arts and Literature Projects.

‘I believed the time was right for me to apply for that lifetime opportunity through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board Fellowship category’ (2012 Fellowships applicant)