The Great Divide: RevHeads

What should be the national anthem; Great Southern Land or Land Down Under? And more importantly, who makes the better cars; Holden or Ford? The Great Divide examines an inherent rivalry in the national character and how inter-generational allegiances test the boundaries of Australian larrikinism.

Art Exhibition previously on in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 09 November 2013 to Saturday 09 November 2013

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 07 November 2013.
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‘I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Ford.’
‘You’d never catch me drivin’ a Holden, mate.’

The new video series titled The Great Divide, questions the identification with an evolving Australian archetype and how this is both transformed and perpetuated through popular competitive representations and iconic brands.

RevHeads is the first video within the new series of works.

Brendan Lee
The Great Divide: RevHeads
Opening 5pm – 7pm 9th of November 2013


The Front Docklands
422 Docklands Drive, Docklands