Once more, with feeling

Recent photography from Colombia

This major thematic group exhibition of photography and video work will introduce emerging and established Colombian talent rarely seen in the UK. The phrase ‘once more, with feeling’ connects the artists approach to their work which explore the interlinking themes of memory, repetition and performance often through portraiture.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Photographers' Gallery in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Friday 18 April 2008 to Sunday 15 June 2008

Miss fotojapon, 1998 to present image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 22 April 2008.
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Milena Bonilla (b.1975), Juan Manuel Echavarría (b.1947), Juan Pablo Echeverri (b.1978), María Elvira Escallón (b.1954), Oscar Muñoz (b.1951) and María Isabel Rueda (b.1972) have all made their work in Colombia a country that has, since the 1940s, been blighted by violent internal conflicts and struggles for power. This is inevitably referenced either directly or obliquely in some works whilst other works explore qualities not usually associated with such a troubled country such as humour, youth, fashion and playfulness.

Milena Bonilla’s photographs document the colourful remnants of her anonymous performances of sewing torn seats on buses throughout Bogotá. Juan Manuel Echavarría’s videos include recordings of songs composed by country dwellers displaced by violent events and massacres, and also a witty interplay between two parrots taught to repeat endlessly the words war and peace. Juan Pablo Echeverri’s passport-photos are visual documents of his daily visits to a photography studio.

Accumulating over seven years worth of self-portraits, this ongoing (perhaps life-long) work uses both repetition and performance. María Isabel Rueda’s black & white photographs document young Colombian Goths, a group of young people united in silent resistance to what is considered ‘normal’ Colombian lifestyle.

A full colour exhibition catalogue (104pgs, special exhibition price £10.00) is available. This exhibition is a joint collaboration with Impressions Gallery, Bradford and will tour throughout the UK in 2008 and 2009 visit http://www.photonet.org.uk for tour dates. The exhibition is funded by The National Lottery
through Arts Council England.