Theatre of dreams, theatre of play

n? and ky?gen in Japan

Featuring 170 works – including masks and costumes as well as paintings, musical instruments and books – from the collection of the National Noh Theatre, Tokyo and the Agency of Cultural Affairs, Japan, this is the first comprehensive exhibition of the rich material culture of nō and kyōgen theatre (nōgaku) to be shown in Australia.

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Gallery of New South Wales in New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 31 July 2014 to Sunday 14 September 2014

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Published by Art Gallery of New South Wales on Friday 15 November 2013.
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The beauty of the exhibits showcases Japan’s unique aesthetic sensibility and the excellence of its traditional arts and crafts. The splendour of the masks, robes and paintings invites all who see it to appreciate this complex and sumptuous world.

An exhibition in two parts

Due to their fragile nature, many works cannot be displayed for the entire period. The exhibition will close for a short period while works are changed over. Tickets will be available to enable visitors to see both parts.