Hubert Duprat

Meet Hubert Duprat. This French artist is an enigma of the best possible variety. He conducts experiments - not necessarily to solve problems or to test hypotheses - that poetically investigate the border between art and science. Fundamental questions for Duprat include 'what is art?' and 'what is an artist?' and his interests extend to geology and archaeology, as well as the natural sciences.

Art Exhibition previously on at Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania, Australia.
From Saturday 07 December 2013 to Monday 28 July 2014

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Published by Museum of Old and New Art on Thursday 05 December 2013.
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Here at MONA – in his first solo exhibition in Australia – Duprat’s intriguing approach will be on full display. This exhibition will see him use natural magnets, crystals sculpted by microscopic atomic arrangement, Neolithic flint-knapping techniques and synthetic substances invented by modern industry. He’s also continuing his iconic decades-long work with the caddisfly. He’ll enlist live indigenous caddisfly larvae (a freshwater aquatic insect) to decorate their silk body-cases with gold spangles and jewels instead of the usual pebbles, twigs and sand. Which begs the question: who’s the artist here – human or insect?