"Smaller Than A Bread Box"

The Works Art & Design Cone Box Exhibit

The Works Art & Design Festival Call To Enter "Smaller Than A Bread Box"

Art Exhibition previously on in Canada.
From Friday 20 June 2008 to Wednesday 02 July 2008

Event published by anonymous on Monday 28 April 2008.
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This exhibit has been inspired by ceramic cone box exhibits, where no piece is larger than 3 inches
by 3 inches by 6 inches, the dimensions of the Orton Standard Pyrometric Cone Box. Ceramic
artists use cones to monitor kiln temperatures during firings. These cones are packaged in a 3 × 3 x
6 inch box. Traditionally Cone Box shows are made primarily of clay, but this exhibit is open to all
The Works Art & Design Festival is the largest event of its kind in North America. The Works
features over 30 exhibits and 200 special events annually and attracts artists and art-lovers from
around the world. If you would like to learn more about The Works or any of its projects, please visit
1. Artwork must be able to fit into a large Orton Cone Box which is 3”x 3”x 6”.
2. Artwork can use any material: clay, glass, fabric, paint, metal, wood, etc, but it must fit into the
3” x 3” x 6” box.
3. Artwork can utilize the 3” x 3” x 6” box.
4. A tag must be securely attached to each work for identification. This includes: Artist name, medium,
phone number and price (or NFS to indicate if the piece is not for sale.)
5. Each artwork must be accompanied by a completed and signed Loan Object Form (Attached below). All
forms and entries must be received by May 15, 2008 to participate in the exhibition.
6. Artists can submit more than one work.
7. All entries will be exhibited during The Works Festival June 20 – July 2, 2008.
8. Unsold artworks must be picked up (or will be delivered if shipping fee is paid) by July 25, 2008.
9. All entries will be for sale during The Works Festival with 25% commission to TWIVAS unless the
artwork is not for sale.
10. Questions? Contact Amber Rooke 780.426.2122 ext 226 or email at amber.rooke@theworks.ab.ca
11. Send forms and entries to: The Works Art & Design Festival Attn Curatorial Dept
Suite 200, 10225-100 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0A1.
12. If you are unable to pick up your artwork at the end of the exhibit and would like the piece returned by
mail, please include a $10.00 shipping fee. Make sure to include:
• Artwork, no bigger than 3×3×6″
• Loan Object Form: one completed for each artwork submitted. This Form will be signed by a
Works representative and you will be sent a copy.
• $10.00 Cheque or money order to The Works Art & Design Festival if you would like your
unsold piece returned at the end of the exhibit or credit card info:
Shipping Fee Enclosed :
__ $10.00 within Canada __ $15.00 for shipping to the US __ $30.00 for shipping
outside of North America
Payment method: (do not send cash by mail)
© Cheque (payable to The Works Art & Design Festival).€ Visa __€ Mastercard
Card Number: _____________________________________ expiry date: ___________
Signature of card holder: ______________________Print name of card holder: ___________________
The Works Art & Design Festival 2008
“Smaller Than A Bread Box” Exhibit
Call to Enter Loan Agreement
Project: __________________________________________________
Loan Period: __________________________________________________
Lender/Artist Information:
Lender/Artist Name:________________________________ Photo Credit: ____________________
Telephone:________________________________________ Postal Code_____________________
Loan Object Information: Please use Loan Object Forms for additional artworks
Artist:________________________________ Artist Nationality______________________________
Object(s) Title(s):_______________________ Date(s) of Execution:__________________________
Signature Location:_________________ Other copyright owners? ____________________________
Is art object for sale during exhibition?: ________Offering
Note: If art objects are for sale during the exhibition, TWIVAS is entitled to a 25% commission
on the sale. See General Conditions below.
Shipping Information:
Provide return shipping instructions:
General Loan Conditions:
1. Care, Preservation and Exhibition
This agreement is between The Works International Visual Arts Society and the Lender of Artist, as the case may be.
The TWIVAS will be the recipient of a loan of an item from the Lender for the purposes of exhibition and publicity
during the aforementioned public exhibition project.
The Artist hereby undertakes to protect objects lent from all physical loss or damage from any external cause while on
location of the said exhibition project during the period of the loan, under a schedule of a Comprehensive Liability
Policy. It is to be understood by the Lender and TWIVAS that all tangible objects are subject to gradual deterioration
for which neither party shall be responsible, an example being water damage when exposed to freezing temperatures.
TWIVAS retains the right to determine when, if, where, and for how long artworks borrowed will be exhibited during
the exhibition period. The Lender hereby agrees not to withdraw the loan during the period of this agreement without
prior written consent of TWIVAS.
2. Insurance
As a public event, the Works is required to carry Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) Insurance. We recommend
that each artist and organization also carry CGL Insurance for the duration of the Festival in addition to insurance
protecting the artworks from external factors.
The Works International Visual Arts Society
200, 10225 – 100 Ave Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5J 0A1
(780) 426-2122 fax: (780) 426-4673
3. Catalog and Publicity/Reproduction and Credit
Unless permission is expressly refused by the Artist/Lender on this document, the TWIVAS may, in perpetuity,
photograph, film, videotape, and/or reproduce in any media the said art object for catalog, educational, or publicity
The TWIVAS will credit Artist/Lender during this exhibition as instructed in this agreement.
4. Commission Entitlement
Any sale during this exhibition of any of the said artworks or art objects permitted to be sold entitles TWIVAS to a
25% (twenty-five per cent) commission on the sale price as stated on this document, irrespective to any outstanding
commission agreements the artist/lender may have with a third party.
5. Shipping and Transportation
The Lender/Artist hereby certifies that the art object lent is in such condition as to withstand the ordinary exigencies
and physical stresses of packing, transportation, and handling as are likely to be experienced in the transport if the
The Lender will ensure that the art object is adequately and securely packed for the type of shipment and displays any
special shipping and handling instructions.
6. Return of Loaned Artwork
Best efforts will be made by TWIVAS to return the art object in the same or similar packing materials. The choice of
mode of return shipping is entirely within the discretion of TWIVAS. If reasonable efforts to return the said art object
fail, then TWIVAS shall have the right to store the work at the Lender’s expense, release of the work to be only upon
payment of any accrued storage costs. Work stored and unclaimed for a period of one year shall become property of
7. Notices
Any notices required and/or given pursuant to this agreement shall be made, respectively, to the Lender/Artist’s address
as stated above and to TWIVAS as set out at the top of this document.
8. Lender/Artist Covenants
The Lender/Artist (as the case may be) hereby covenants and warrants that he/she has the right to lend the said object(s)
for the purposes of this exhibition, and in respect of any contemplated sale of the said object, that he/she has the sole
right, title and authority to sell, transfer and grant a sale of the artwork.
9. Covenants of TWIVAS
TWIVAS hereby covenants to exercise all due care, attention and diligence in respect of the loan and exhibition of the
lent artwork. In addition, TWIVAS will provide the requisite insurance coverage during the exhibition period and
outbound transit, and will make all reasonable efforts to keep the Lender/Artist advised of the status of the art object
during the exhibition period and to account promptly where there is any sale of the art object.
10. Governing Law
This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta.
In Witness of the Covenants made and information disclosed, the parties hereby agree to be bound by this agreement
and the covenants and information disclosed within, and have accordingly duly executed this agreement as of this
effective date.
Dated at the City of ____________________________ , in the Province/State of ___________________________ ,
this ____________ day of _______________________ , 200 _ .
___________________________________ _________________________________________
Lender/Artist Name: (witness)
The Works International Visual Arts Society