ACCA brings the spirit of the gestamkunstwerk into the New Year with the exhibition Crescendo, featuring seven projects where artists have used film and music to create enclosed worlds, each exploring myth, history and human pageantry as metaphors for life.

Art Exhibition previously on at ACCA - Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 20 December 2013 to Sunday 02 March 2014


Published by anonymous on Thursday 26 December 2013.
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Viewers are treated to new visions of history, as artists explore histrionics, heroic deeds and herculean tasks, each a visual reflection of the inevitability of life and death.

Featuring: Dorothy Cross, Rodney Graham, Markus Kahre, Hans Op de Beeck, Julian Rosefeldt, Ana Torfs, Guido van der Werve