The Nuremberg Chronicle


Published more than 500 years ago in 1493, the 600 page Nuremberg Chronicle was the world’s first elaborately-illustrated book. It presents the history of the world (in Latin) from creation to the 1490s and is accompanied by over 1800 woodblock printed illustrations of historical figures, biblical and historical scenes

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide precinct, South Australia, Australia.
From Tuesday 04 February 2003 to Friday 01 January 2010

Published by Art Gallery of South Australia on Thursday 08 May 2008.
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The Nuremberg Chronicle contains some of the first accurate panoramas of European towns including Rome, Florence, Vienna, Salzburg and Prague. Production of the book spanned at least six years and involved the contribution of many people.

This was one of the first books in which the illustrations were credited to known artists: Michael Wolgemut, the leading artist in Nuremberg at the time, and his assistant Wilhelm Pleydenwurff. Of added interest is the fact that Wolgemut was the master of the great German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer, and it is thought that Dürer may even have assisted with this book during his apprenticeship.

Of the 2,500 copies believed to have been produced, there are only a small number in Australia. This is the first copy to be on long-term public display in an art museum. (Other copies of the book in Australia are stored in eastern-states public libraries and are not generally accessible by the public.)

The Gallery is very grateful to Carolyn Corkindale who has kindly loaned this rare and impressive book to the Gallery for an initial display period of 5 years. It has been in her family since 1946 (although closeted in a London bank vault since then), when her grandfat