Second Sight: An Exhibition of New Approaches to Video

Eyebeam In Collaboration with Moving Image Art Fair

Eyebeam, the leading non-profit art and technology center based in New York City, is pleased to present work by seven artists, in collaboration with Moving Image art fair, New York, to be held March 7-9, 2014. These works provide a glimpse into what the future holds for the moving image through immersive pieces, installation, video, and performance, from Eyebeam’s cutting-edge perspective.

Art Exhibition previously on at Eyebeam in United States.
From Friday 07 March 2014 to Sunday 09 March 2014

Second Sight: An Exhibition of New Approaches to Video image

Published by anonymous on Friday 14 February 2014.
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The exhibition will include a new Augmented Reality performance “The Alices” by Claudia Hart, Honorary Fellow at Eyebeam, at 6PM on March 8th.

In addition, participating artists presenting new work include Julia Christensen, Katie Torn, Anton Marini, Wyatt Niehaus, Elisa Kreisinger, and Jonathan Minard.