David Robilliard: The Yes No Quality of Dreams

The ICA brings together a selection of paintings by London-based poet and painter David Robilliard in the first UK institutional exhibition for over twenty years. Born in 1952 on the Channel Island of Guernsey, Robilliard moved to London in 1976 to pursue his interest in art. He first met Gilbert & George in 1979 and they would become good friends.

Art Exhibition previously on at ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts in City of London, United Kingdom.
From Wednesday 16 April 2014 to Sunday 15 June 2014

David Robilliard: The Yes No Quality of Dreams image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 25 February 2014.
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Robilliard would later model for Gilbert & George and appear in the film The World of Gilbert & George (1981). Robilliard was described by Gilbert & George as ‘the new master of the modern person’.

Robilliard had no formal training. He was gay and regularly frequented the clubs and bars associated with London’s underground scene until his death as a result of AIDS in 1988. Gilbert & George were at his bedside. While Robilliard’s paintings appeared in numerous gallery exhibitions during his lifetime – notably in smaller, less commercial venues, including on one occasion London’s L’Escargot restaurant in Soho – few shows would match the major retrospective held at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, in 1993. Since then his fame has dwindled.