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This exhibition brings together the works of three young artists of Baroda, Alok Bal, Chinnan and Chirag Patel – each carving out a separate trajectory, with diverging visions and working methods but with a common faith in the act of painting.

Art Exhibition previously on in India.
From Wednesday 23 April 2008 to Thursday 15 May 2008
Launch Wednesday 23 April 2008, 11. 00 am to 7. 00 pm

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Event published by chinnan on Friday 09 May 2008.
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In spite of the fact that there is some element in Chinnan’s work that militates against interpretation or narrative, it would be interesting to pit this writing in the interstices of the drama that unfolds on this stage. That there is a mimetic space in this is obvious –the canvas turned into a stage, with curtains and lights and actors and behind the scenes intrigues.
The drama itself is a rather complex one- the interrelations of the three figures, what traverses between the elements of this stage remain ambiguous.

The figure of the little girl in the center is an epitome of this ambivalence- balancing on top of a moving ring with certain geometrical shapes in place of the legs, with arms/wings spread out as if in flight, dressed in a dark apparel. What is accomplished is an image that unravels the mystery of image making itself through various subtle devices. What exactly is this figure accomplishing? She seem to be attempting the task of balancing on top of a constantly moving ring, achieving a static posture through skillful maneuvering and also in the same process attempting to fly. Her body itself is an incomplete one with certain objects in place of the legs which make this task even more difficult. This figure points to the complexity of the present juncture where the individual is


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