Free Masterclass with Igor Stromajer

This masterclass offers a unique opportunity to enter a conversation with Igor and fellow participants about contemporary arts strategies in the networked age. Igor Štromajer is a net artist, intimate mobile communicator, and virtual performer. He researches tactical and emotional para-artistic actions, intimate guerrilla, and traumatic low-tech communication strategies.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre For Creative Arts, La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 18 March 2014 to Tuesday 18 March 2014
Launch Tuesday 18 March 2014, 10:00 – 17:00

Free Masterclass with Igor Stromajer image

Published by Centre for Creative Arts on Wednesday 26 February 2014.
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This masterclass is open to artists, La Trobe postgraduate students and staff. Participation is free. RSVP by March 4th 2014 via email at papertigers(at) is required.

This masterclass will address the Internet and social media as multifaceted interface for performance and social interaction in an arts context. Participants will together with Igor explore questions about digital culture and post-internet media art (death of the medium, post-everything culture, i.e. accelerationism, post-accelerationism). They will engage in the creation of art concepts and research of ideas around these topics as well as the making of on-line artworks at the junction of arts, performance and digital media.

Igor Štromajer has shown his work at numerous exhibitions and festivals worldwide. Comprising over a hundred projects that have been featured in over a hundred exhibitions in sixty countries, Štromajer’s oeuvre has won numerous awards (in Moscow, Hamburg, Dresden, Belfort, Madrid, Maribor, Frankfurt). His projects have been purchased by, and are included in the permanent collections of, prestigious art institutions, such as Le Centre national d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou – Musée national d’art moderne in Paris, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, the Computerfinearts Gallery – net and media art collection in New York, Moderna galerija in Ljubljana, and the Maribor Art Gallery. Štromajer lives and works in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Frankfurt (Germany).