Precious Metals

Precious Metals is a collection of new and recent photographs by 25-year old, Sydney-based artist, Jack Mannix. Known for his distinctive photographic style, shooting only on film and without the use of extra light sources, he creates an intimacy and energy that remains present in his photographs.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 28 March 2014 to Sunday 25 May 2014

Precious Metals image

Published by CCP on Friday 14 March 2014.
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His gritty documentary-style images explore themes of isolation, addiction, sex and death, crossing the boundaries of both lo-fi and high-fashion photography. Documenting his personal life as well as a larger grand narrative, his images expose the preoccupations and interests of both the artist and his subjects, giving you a glimpse into the subtle vulnerabilities of a sex worker, a young couple in love and Sydney’s underground culture. Mannix plays with constructions of identity and self, and teeters between realism and expanded ideas of the real. Notions of power and desire filter through a lens that captures the infinite spectrum of strength, beauty, brutality and fragility in contemporary life.

The exhibition will feature an expanded selection of photographs complementing the works on display in a self-published artist book.

Precious Metals was developed through Next Wave’s Emerging Curator’s Program with CCP for Next Wave Festival 2014.