Angels of the Bottomless Pit

Angels of the Bottomless Pit is the latest installment in an ongoing project by Melbourne-based artist Tony Garifalakis. The exhibition examines the notion of the Anti-Christ and, more specifically, the attempts made to identify and name him/her.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 28 March 2014 to Sunday 25 May 2014

Angels of the Bottomless Pit image

Published by CCP on Friday 14 March 2014.
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Utilising information gathered from evangelical Christian and conspiracy theory sources, Angels of the Bottomless Pit presents us with a vast collection of candidates—heads of state, royalty, pontiffs, pop singers, bankers—vying for the title of the Anti-Christ.

The series of digitally manipulated found images and mixed media works in the exhibition present us with a commentary on the simplistic notion of ‘good versus evil’ and highlight the tendency for judgement or ‘demonisation’ that it involves.

Tony Garifalakis is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.