group exhibition

Angela Cavalieri, Kate Derum, Stanley Farley, Judy Holding, Jan Learmonth, Mary Newsome, Heather Shimmen, Peter James Smith & Carmel Wallace.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Tuesday 03 June 2008 to Saturday 28 June 2008
Launch Tuesday 03 June 2008, Tues- Fri 10-4 Sat 12-4

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Published by Gallery 101 on Wednesday 14 May 2008.
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Anthology is an exhibition that allows viewers a glimpse into the rather secretive world of the artist’s studio. What remains hidden as the artwork moves from studio to gallery, are the myriad of materials and references gathered by the artist while making their work. For Anthology, artists have been asked to display selection of their resource materials alongside finished work. These material objects collaborate with the artist in the creative process and expose its inevitable complexity.