Drawing Ceremony

Group Exhibition

A Group Drawing Exhibition

Art Exhibition previously on in Korea, Republic of.
From Saturday 14 June 2008 to Saturday 21 June 2008
Launch Saturday 14 June 2008,

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Published by anonymous on Friday 16 May 2008.
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Drawing Ceremony

Drawing Ceremony is a group exhibition in which the five artists involved respond to the idea of drawing as a ceremonial act. Rowan McNaught, Holly McNaught, Daisy Bisenieks, John Bartley and Royce Ng will use the mediums of drawing, sculpture, installation, photography and video to explore this concept. The exhibition is not confined to the discipline of drawing as we see the concept of drawing expanding into other fields.

The exhibition will be in two parts, showing first at the Yogiga Gallery in Seoul, South Korea in June 2008 and then in Melbourne, Australia.

Drawing pushes and pulls between this dialectic of drawing as the representation of form without substance and as an expression of meaning unbound by the constraints of form. So one performs a ceremony when one draws because the drawing itself is ultimately doomed as a mechanism in itself, but this ceremony is in of itself an expression of ‘magical thinking’ which material reality cannot live up to. It is our intention in this exhibition to explore drawing in these terms.


Yogiga Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (Yogiga.net)