New Scientist

Eureka Prize for Science Photography

Art Exhibition previously on at RMIT Gallery in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia. Published by RMIT Gallery on Saturday 17 May 2008. Friday 06 June 2008 to Saturday 28 June 2008. Opening Thursday 05 June 2008 Mon-fri 11am-5pm Sat 2-5pm Exhibition opening 5th June 6-8pm.

Dyeing to Hear - Jacqueline Andrew image

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Curated and managed by the Australian Museum and New Scientist, this exhibition is a celebration of science photography showcasing the best of the hundreds of entries that were received in the 2007 New Scientist Eureka Prize for Science Photography.

Each year this prestigious prize is awarded for a single photograph that most effectively communicates an aspect of science.
From the ‘wave duality’ of swimming gold fish to the majesty of jade icebergs in the Antarctic, the microscopic fibres of ancient textiles, to the plastic beads in a cochlear implant, these amazing pictures remind us of the myriad of ways in which science is present in our lives.


RMIT Gallery
344 Swanston Street