Laura Poitras

During the future Whitney’s inaugural year, artist, filmmaker, and journalist Laura Poitras will create an installation of immersive environments using materials, footage, and information that build on themes she has been exploring in her filmmaking, including NSA surveillance and post-9/11 America.

Art Exhibition previously on at Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, United States.
From Tuesday 01 March 2016 to Thursday 26 May 2016

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 07 May 2014.
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This exhibition continues the Museum’s involvement with Poitras, whose work was included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial. It will extend beyond the discrete gallery space through extensive programming that will occur concurrently at the Whitney and in close collaboration with the artist. Poitras’s reporting on NSA surveillance was recently awarded a Pulitzer Prize.

This exhibition is organized by Jay Sanders, Curator and Curator of Performance.