Windfall, by Robyn Bogdanis

A scorching show of new works

Enter the Heritage listed Heathcote Museum and Gallery and become aware of the presence of other beings. Created from bush material, animals of an earlier era have reclaimed their habitat, standing their ground, returning with soulful eyes, the gaze of the viewer.

Art Exhibition previously on at Heathcote Museum & Gallery in Australia.
From Friday 23 May 2008 to Sunday 29 June 2008

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Event published by anonymous on Friday 23 May 2008.
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Windfall is the work of Perth artist Robyn Bogdanis, who salvages fallen branches, nuts and bark from local parks and verges after the hot, dry summer winds wreak their havoc.
By the meditative processes of collecting, sorting, sifting, storing and reassembling, Bogdanis finds beauty and order in what some may consider storm waste.
Her childhood in the country instilled in her love of the Australian bush, and this is evident in the sensitive recreations and observances found in Windfall.
Evoking memories of carefree days playing in the bush, this exhibition appeals to all ages, reconnecting the viewer to the natural environment.