Shotgun 2014

Shotgun is a partnership project between Detached Cultural Organisation and Contemporary Art Tasmania formed in 2010 to deliver supported opportunity to Tasmanian artists. This year the Shotgun format has changed again with the selection committee awarding the opportunity to all six of the 2014 finalists.

Art Exhibition previously on at Contemporary Art Tasmania in Tasmania, Australia.
From Friday 17 October 2014 to Sunday 23 November 2014

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 18 June 2014.
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Ross Byers, Dean Chatwin, David Hawley, Jason James, Tom O’Hern and Nicola Smith will participate in a program of professional development formulated to assist each artist in achieving their goals. Shotgun will not involve an exhibition outcome this year. Instead resources will be directed towards the program of professional development.

Publication writers Hannah Mathews (VIC), Quentin Sprague (VIC) and Jasmin Stephens (NSW) will be joined in the program of professional development by Jackie Dunn (NSW) Alexander Godschalk (The Netherlands), Craig Judd (NSW) and Brianna Munting (NSW). The program will involve studio visits, meetings, workshops and round-table discussions.