Serpentine Cinema: Stillness, curated by Marina Abramovi?

Stillness is the second in a series of screenings and conversations curated by Marina Abramovi? on the occasion of her exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery. The series brings together works by the artist, documentary footage, films selected by Abramovi? as well as talks and conversations about themes connected to her practice.

Art Exhibition previously on at Serpentine Galleries in United Kingdom.
From Sunday 20 July 2014 to Sunday 20 July 2014

Serpentine Cinema: Stillness, curated by Marina Abramovi? image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 01 July 2014.
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This programme will include a screening of the 1968 film The Colour of Pomegranates by Sergei Parajanov, as well as a selection of films by Marina Abramovi? that explore the concept of stillness: City of Angels (1983, Marina Abramovi? and Ulay); Golden Mask (2009) and Hero (2001). It will be accompanied by a curatorial talk about the exhibition 512 Hours.