What was taken and what was given | Kelvin Skewes

Nauru hosts three regional processing centres, part of Australia’s revamped ‘Pacific Solution’. They house about 500 asylum seekers. The vast majority of Nauru’s tiny 21 square kilometre land area has been mined out, and Nauru now relies on aid and patronage from other countries. This exhibition contemplates twentieth century colonialism and twenty-first century paternalism.

Art Exhibition previously on at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 01 August 2014 to Sunday 24 August 2014
Launch Thursday 31 July 2014, 6 - 8

Kelvin Skewes, Freshly Mined Area Beside Nauru Regional Processing Centre 2013,Pigment Ink-jet print, 114 x 142 cm image

Published by Counihan Gallery on Friday 04 July 2014.
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The case of Nauru is a historic example that encourages us to reflect on questions about extraction industries, the viability of the nation state, and our international and intergenerational responsibilities.