Reflections: tales from within the crystal

The School of Chemistry is presenting the exhibition Reflections: tales from within the crystal. Crystals have long captivated humankind, from ancient healing remedies and myth and legend, to modern fashion trends. Scientific interest in crystals was piqued over 400 years ago by Johann Kepler who detailed the beautiful symmetry of ice crystals.

Art Exhibition previously on at University of Melbourne Cultural Collections in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 26 July 2014 to Sunday 27 July 2014

Reflections: tales from within the crystal image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 24 July 2014.
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By the 20th century, scientists discovered that X-rays could be used to determine the arrangement of the atoms which comprise the crystal, creating the field of Crystallography.

This exhibition celebrates the International Year of Crystallography bringing together crystal specimens, models and instruments used throughout history to solve the mysteries that lie within the crystal.