Enslaved in a Magdalene laundry, Adelaide

This exhibition depicts the experience of Australian born, New York artist, Rachael Romero, who at 14, in 1967, was incarcerated, without charge and without legal trial, in the Convent of the Good Shepherd. ‘The Pines’, on Marion Road, North Plympton, SA, was one of nine of these laundries across Australia in the twentieth century.

Art Exhibition previously on at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in South Australia, Australia.
From Friday 05 September 2014 to Friday 03 October 2014

Enslaved in a Magdalene laundry, Adelaide image

Published by anonymous on Friday 25 July 2014.
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Romero recalls, “In this Dickensian throwback, our names were taken. Our identity was taken. We were shocked into an enforced silence and ‘trained’ to carry out dangerous drudgery. Offered no remuneration for such labour we were told to offer it up for the saving of souls in the ‘next life’ and therefore beautify our pitiful selves”.