Eugenia Raftopoulos

Backtracking by Bread Trail

Eugenia Raftopoulos’ paintings are representations of found images and personal photographs. Psychological states are explored and reconfigured. She subverts the familiar, drawing on notions of the uncanny, creating a disconnection from the universally familiar and comforting sense of normalcy and domesticity.

Art Exhibition previously on at BLINDSIDE in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 22 October 2014 to Saturday 08 November 2014

Eugenia Raftopoulos, 2013, Politeness is etiquette, 2014 image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 13 August 2014.
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Playing with models of duality, transformation is inevitably addressed. While the painterly technique draws from the old masters, Raftoploulos uses paint as an emotional reflex, attempting to interrupt the signifying function of these images to create her own vernacular.