Exploring the rendering of visuals and sound through erasure

*SOUND/ Jerome Noetinger (Rives, France)* *VISUALS/ Liz Racz (Melbourne)* It’s 3.14 a.m. In darkness, the audience armed with torches gather to experience the outcome of residency collaboration between visual artist Liz Racz and Jerome Noetinger, an internationally recognised improviser using electroacoustic devices.

Art Exhibition previously on at LUPA/art in Australia.
From Sunday 22 June 2008 to Sunday 29 June 2008
Launch Sunday 22 June 2008, SPOOL VIEWING/ LISTENING TIMES: Sunday 22nd June 3.14am Opening drinks/ Sunday 22nd June 7.00pm/ Thursday 26th June 7.00pm/ Friday 27th June 7.00pm/ Sunday 29th June 3.14am

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Published by anonymous on Friday 06 June 2008.
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Noetinger was a guest of the Melbourne International Biennale of Exploratory Music and the Liquid Architecture Festival. The collaboration with Racz being conducted by email, letters and photographs of sketches will extend her practice of ‘memorable large dark works’ (Penny Webb, The Age, 17 August, 2007).