Pamela Irving- Doggerel Dreams

Mosaics, Paintings + Assemblages @ Montsalvat Gallery

Just over 60 works by Pamela Irving consisting of Mosaics, Paintings + Assemblages. This work is being shown at Montsalvat Gallery, 7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham Victoria.

Art Exhibition previously on in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 06 September 2014 to Sunday 02 November 2014
Launch Saturday 06 September 2014, 2pm

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 21 August 2014.
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“Doggerel Dreams”
By Pamela Irving

September 6th – November 2nd 2014

Mosaics, Assemblages and Paintings.

To be opened by Clara Brack, writer and teacher.
Music by “Tottie and the Wanderers”

Artist statement:

“Doggerel Dreams” is an exhibition of works fusing nonsense and humour.
My figures are part burlesque, playful and slightly menacing.
Like doggerel poetry, they are visual ditties that run around in my mind.
The use of objects and shards, which have their own intrinsic value, combine to give my characters their stories and meanings, bringing them to life.
The mosaics, assemblages and paintings that make up this show all inform each other.
The characters are representations of my dreams which I voluntarily indulge in whilst awake – they are my reverie.

Pamela Irving 2014.
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