SHAMUS CLISSET Space God / Magic Guy

Postmasters Gallery is pleased to announce our first exhibition with New York-based artist Shamus Clisset. The show will present a group of large-scale, 3D rendered images, an alternative reality of totems and tableaux.

Art Exhibition previously on at Postmasters Gallery in New York, United States.
From Saturday 06 September 2014 to Saturday 11 October 2014

Space God / Magic Guy image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 27 August 2014.
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While generated through digital means, Clisset’s characters and still lifes transform the familiar, analog world into glistening hyperreality, where high resolution reflects high intensity.

Paraphrasing the science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, magic is science we don’t yet understand. With this dictum, Clarke suggests that what is imaginable but also inconceivable is most magical of all. Even when a hypothesis becomes reality, it retains its mysticism, its underlying principles beyond the grasp of nearly everyone but its originator.