CHRIS EDMUND - Memory and Desire


Chris Edmund is a director, teacher, writer and painter. He began painting during a period of writers block, following the advice of a friend he bought paints and canvases and immediately his artistic process evolved.

Art Exhibition previously on at red gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 03 September 2014 to Saturday 20 September 2014
Launch Wednesday 03 September 2014, 6-8pm

Chris Edmund, La Japonaise, 2013, acrylic and oil stick, 70 x 56cm image

Published by red gallery on Thursday 28 August 2014.
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For Chris Edmund there is a direct link between his painting and aspects of his varied career. In his theatrical works his stage images are a powerful part of the aesthetic that seem to engage with and provoke a visceral response from his audiences. While his sense of scale and composition has been heavily influenced by his extensive film and theatre background.

Chris Edmund began his career in London where he directed productions at the Gate Theatre Notting Hill, the Riverside studios and Kings Head Theatres. For 25 years he was Head of the Acting Department at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA and has also directed productions in the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. He is a published playwright with his work receiving high critical acclaim. As an emerging painter he has had several exhibitions including two at Kurb Gallery, Perth.