Nature in the Dark - conference 2014

Nature in the Dark - conference: a trans-disciplinary conference on animal perception at the intersection of the arts, science and conservation

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre For Creative Arts, La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 04 October 2014 to Saturday 04 October 2014

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Published by Centre for Creative Arts on Friday 29 August 2014.
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As a spin-off from the Nature in the Dark – project, a continuing art/science/conservation collaboration between the Centre for Creative (CCA), La Trobe University, and the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA), this conference will address our relationship to animals in a wider ecological context by approaching it from artistic, scientific and conservationist angles

The yawning gaps in our understanding of the intricate connections of eco-systems, which we are still facing today, accentuate also the shortcomings of a cultural understanding of our environment in the time of rapid loss of habitat and biodiversity. It underlines the necessity to address these concerns from a broad and trans-disciplinary background – as this conference is programmed accordingly.

The Nature in the Dark – conference is gathering experts from the areas of Creative Arts, Media, Communication, Literature, Theatre and Performance, Conservation, Environmental Management and Zoology.

The conference serves as finissage of the Nature in the Dark art exhibition at the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre in Bendigo as well as a kick-off meeting for a second edition of the Nature in the Dark video project.