Outside In/Inside Out

Anita Bacic

For centuries we have sought to re-create and contain versions of reality within a technological confine and Outside In/Inside Out references this. It makes connections between traditional and contemporary forms of communication, capture and re-presentation.

Art Exhibition previously on at Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed) in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 01 August 2008 to Sunday 21 September 2008
Launch Thursday 31 July 2008, 6 - 8pm

Untitled, 2007 image

Published by Guildford Lane Gallery on Wednesday 11 June 2008.
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Bacic is interested in engaging with the human need to network, interact and communicate with other individuals. Her work is shaped by her vigorous examination of the various technologies that have facilitated communication over the centuries. Bacic connects literally with instant electronic media and metaphorically to old media, adopting various traditional and technologically driven communication media and forms: for example, new media, oral storytelling, songs and other cultural artefacts. In Outside In/Inside Out, the artist explores the combination of pre-cinema optical devices with digital media and the resulting impact that architectural space, light, audio and technology have when paired with traditional and contemporary forms of presentation.

Outside In/Inside Out, an exhibition centred on a large-scale camera obscura (meaning “dark chamber” in Latin), will be exhibited at Guildford Lane Gallery. Viewers will be ushered in as if visiting a cinema and encouraged to explore the darkness and the light within the space. The room overlooks Guildford Lane Gallery from the ground floor and life from outside will be captured within the camera obscura. Prior to the opening of the exhibition, the artist will work in the gallery’s studio building and preparing her work.

Bacic is a Sydney based artist currently completing a Masters degree from the University of New South Wales. She has exhibited throughout Australia and overseas including Sao Paulo, Brazil and Istanbul, Turkey. Through the assistance of the Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant, AGNSW’s Dyson Bequest and the University of New South Wales, Bacic completed a residency at the Cité in Internationale des Arts in 2007.


Guildford Lane Gallery
20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne
Open: 12-9pm 7 days a week