The Weight of Painting: Lauren McCartney

Exploring the female body as an instrument for painting.

The Weight of Painting explores the role of the female body as an instrument for painting in order to offer an alternative to the heroic ideal of the modernist male painter. Through the proposed activities as a means of mark making, Lauren McCartney uses her body and its props to propose alternative modes of painting beyond the established traditions.

Art Exhibition previously on at Paper Mountain in Western Australia, Australia.
From Saturday 06 September 2014 to Sunday 21 September 2014
Launch Friday 05 September 2014, 6-8pm

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Published by anonymous on Sunday 07 September 2014.
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Satirising the trope of the modernist painter by braiding the gestures of action painting and the grid with overtly feminine practices such as hula hooping and watercolours, McCartney highlights the inherent failure of this endeavour, creating a clumsy performance of movements within a pool of paint as well as an exploration of the limitations of the modernist grid as she fails to overcome her medium. The grid offers a static space that is used as a means of mapping the endurance of her body as she ventures to reconstruct the materiality of paint using paper and the body as supports.

Lauren McCartney is a Perth based artist, currently undertaking her PhD at Curtin University. Originally from Wollongong, McCartney’s practice is based on remediated painting where she is investigating a new realm of visual inquiry in contemporary painting practice as painting is fused with other mediums and media. She is mainly concerned with how the feminine body has functioned as a support in remediated practices, as well as the whether the material aspects of traditional paint are still relevant in contemporary painting. She has exhibited in group, collaborative and solo exhibitions in Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and has recently has had work acquired by the Art Gallery of Western Australian and private collections.