Justin Balmain "Note to self"

Justin Balmain is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Sydney, Australia, whose methodology forms out of an inquisitive exploration of varying media. His research and practice is informed by communication and language, means of content distribution, and communities that form out of Internet usage and a 'connected' culture.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Walls Art Space in Queensland, Australia.
From Saturday 27 September 2014 to Saturday 18 October 2014
Launch Saturday 27 September 2014, 5-8pm

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Published by anonymous on Friday 12 September 2014.
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The most recent studio works appear to exist in two-strands, coming together where they are representative of mediation, distribution and communication. The interlocking logic of both developments are a rumination on mediated social contact and the availability of ‘real-time’ in a space that is hyper-real.

Justin has exhibited widely in Australia and New Zealand, and holds a Master of Fine Art by Research from UNSW School of Media Arts. From 2011-12 he was on the Board of Directors of Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney, and is a co-founder of the collective SLUSH.