Wearing Technology: cultural and psychological impacts of tech on the body

Eyebeam and The New School present a panel discussion that explores the cultural and psychological implications of wearing technology. The event will feature leading researchers in clinical psychology, contemporary art history, and fashion technology who will offer insights into the history of wearables and how the body is represented and experienced in fashion design and performance.

Art Exhibition previously on at Eyebeam in New York, United States.
From Monday 27 October 2014 to Monday 27 October 2014

Wearing Technology: cultural and psychological impacts of tech on the body image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 17 September 2014.
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Featured guest and LSU professor, Susan Ryan, will discuss her recent book, Garments of Paradise (MIT Press), a comprehensive survey of wearable technology that lends a critical eye toward both the design and social context of our devices, from the Walkman to Google Glass. The New School professors Miriam Steele and Sabine Seymour will present their current research project, BodyMetaphor, which bridges design, art, and social science to examine fashion and wearable tech’s influence on self-perceptions and physiological assessments of the body.

Wearing Technology is organized as part of Eyebeam’s Computational Fashion initiative, which brings together artists, fashion designers, scientists, and technologists to explore emerging ideas and develop new work at the intersection of fashion and technology. Eyebeam is a nonprofit art center that supports and promotes dynamic and risk-taking work at the intersection of art and technology. Computational Fashion is supported in part by The Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Fund.